Below you will find info about Chakradance and DanzFusion…Please read on…

What is Chakradance you might ask?!
Let’s start with what it is NOT. It is not a class where you get told how to move. It does not have predetermined “set moves” and so if you are shy about “Dancing” but enjoy moving your body, this is the class for you, because everyone has their eyes closed!

Chakradance is a moving meditation ~ Avichi guides you on a journey into your chakras and you let your body be moved by the music while being mindful of your experience.

All chakradance classes are happening at Just Zumba Fitness – 1475 Fairview Rd, Penticton (The Cannery Trade Centre).

New Year, New You! Freedom Classes – Start 2018 off on the right foot. And left too!
Experience exercise, spiritual growth and everything in between.
Sundays January 14 to March 11, 2018 @ 1:00-3:00pm @ Zumba studio in The Cannery (followed by DanzFusion events – see below)
With these spiritual dance classes you will get exercise, connect with guides, learn about and expand into your unique gifts, connect with like minded community, clear balance and align your body, energy fields, emotions, mind, and soul.

Cost: $250 until December 16. $280 Regular. Please register by January 8, 2018
Cost Includes: 9 weeks of dancing through the chakras, 9 weeks of learning about your chakras and their functions, course binder, support in community, reading material, and a surprise gift that will enhance your journey of self discovery.

*Minimum number of participants required for the session to run. And maximum number class capacity.

INTRODUCING** DanzFusion Events – Get your groove on & dance yourself into Bliss!
Starting January 14 to June 17, 2018 – 2 days a week @ Zumba studio in The Cannery.
Sundays 3:30pm-5:00pm
Mondays 7:00-8:30pm (following Hooptastic Hula Hoop classes)

Created by Avichi Goard, DanzFusion is inspired by conscious non-judgemental freestyle dance, Chakradance, trance dance, yoga, your own dance, your own creation within the beats, and of course Avichi’s 2 years living in Holland, the land of amazing dance festivals!

I don’t know about you, but I need to dance! Let’s shake it up and shine our bliss.
Drop-in style: $8 per event or $30 for 5 events.
Please bring a yoga mat, a blindfold (ex. scarf, nightmask, …), and water.
And Bring friends, because the more the merrier!


I look forward to moving with you!
Namaste and blessings,

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Some more info for you…

What is Chakradance?

Chakradance® is a powerful and transformative technique combining music, meditation, exercise, yoga, creative expression and fun. A journey through your Chakras leavs you feeling balanced, refreshed, and alive. Discovering your true self is the intention of Chakradance – get inspired and find empowerment.

Chakradance is all about Dancing YOUR spontaneous dance, connecting with yourself, rebalancing, and shaking off old energies!!!
Chakradance uses sounds gathered from around the globe, a safe sacred space, and lots more to guide you into and through your inner world.

We dance with eyes closed, barefoot, and with mindfulness. It’s dance movement meditation. You connect with yourself and take a special memory Mandala home with you, and open yourself for healing to occur.

No dance experience or “abilities” necessary.
No knowledge of the chakras necessary.

Wanting a deep transformation? Join a 9-week cycle, where we dance into one chakra per week. These cycles are highly transformative, bringing greater health and balance to your mind, body, spirit and energy fields, and therefore greater balance to your entire life.

Classes are being added regularly, so be sure to check back regularly. Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to find out about new class times.

Much love and blessings,

A little more info for you…

CHAKRADANCE is a dynamic form of dance which aids in relieving and balancing the
stresses of modern day living. Offering similar benefits to yoga, CHAKRADANCE increases your awareness of the connection between your body and soul and leaves you with a feeling of inner peace and serenity.

Through dance we are able to free up our natural energy flows and harmonise our chakras, thereby strengthening our state of health and well-being. Participants are taken on a dynamic dance journey through their own energy centres. As individuals dance to the frequency of each chakra, different issues surface allowing the opportunity to explore the issues and experience the emotional charge related to the issues.
These experiences can then be integrated into our everyday lives.

Chakradance® classes involve spontaneous dance to music specially designed to
resonate with each in turn of our major chakras, or energy centres. Its founder,
Australian-born Natalie Southgate, claims the practice can release blocked
energies as well as calming chakras that have become over-active.

“Chakradance® aims to restore participants to a balanced state of well being in
which all the natural energies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) once again
flow freely. CHAKRADANCE draws on a fusion of philosophies and musical styles, focusing solely on personal experience, and balancing individual chakras – the energy centres which are the gateways to integrating mind, body and spirit,”
says founder, Natalie Southgate.

For more information, please contact me.
To connect on Facebook, visit my page: Chakradance in the Okanagan.