I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients and they’d like to share their experiences with you. If you have any questions or anything to share with me, please contact me.

I have been a massage lover for many many years and have had the pleasure of experiencing many providers in many countries. Avichi sits at the top of all of them all. She just gets it. I would highly recommend her to anyone!!
-Jim Ongena – www.corporateheights.ca

I love to dance and when I found out I could attend a Chakra Dance class that was free – style, in that you can dance from your heart and chakras, I was ELATED!. Avichi is an incredibly kind and warm and welcoming facilitator and always set the stage for the most amazing and incredible experience as we ‘danced’ through our Chakras.

I highly recommend experiencing this incredible style of dance – you will not regret it! Let go and see what happens!
-Nancy F., Penticton

I highly recommend the awakening workshop. I am in awe of how powerful and transformative the process was. I felt big physical and energetic releases and also had a lot of fun. After every session i felt very clear and energetic. For me, it was like getting the effects of yoga, exercise, meditation, creative expression, and social connection in one session. It was well worth the time and investment and i think everyone should experience it. Thank you so much Avichi, it was just what i needed and I feel like a stronger version of myself!
– Dr. Jese Wiens, Naturopathic Doctor – www.doctorwiens.com

I didn’t know what to expect, but I liked the concept of dancing from the different chakras, & I remained open to the experience & found it to be extremely wonderful on every level.

Avichi held such a safe & supported space & in turn our whole group bonded over our sharing of such profound journeying. Just a beautifully spiritual time.

So much more than a dance class!!!
Aidan Mayes – www.amsom.ca

My sister and I participated in the chakra awakening cycle held by Avichi this fall. For us, this cycle became a healing journey where we were able to move through our blockages, learn with others in a safe space, dance in joy and ultimately, grow through learning, connection to self and of course, DANCE. Through out our awakening cycle, my sister and I felt both comforted and completely inspired by Avichi. Her gentle and grounded presence was instrumental in the healing we fostered through Chakradance.
-Alana and Julia Ludington, Penticton

I was trained as massage therapist and have had massages all over the world. Good massages are quite hard to find. Both my wife and I had the pleasure of receiving massages from Avichi. I can honestly say it was one of the finest massages that I have ever had. Avichi takes the time to find out where the issues are and then, gently going deeper with stroke, removes them. My wife said that she has never felt more relaxed than after her massage. While neither of us is inclined to endorse things, Avichi earned both our enthusiastic endorsement and our personal admiration as a massage therapist.
– Peter and Tam Thrive, U.S.A

ENERGY!!! (in regards to a reiki session with Avichi)
– Annemieke, The Netherlands